Westbay Waveform Master

Basic Filters Facility

    An important use of Waveform Master is to consider the impact of frequency response on a particular signal. This can take the form of a filter network, or the bandwidth frequency response of a circuit for instance.

    The Basic Filters facility offers a choice of four 'idealised' filters, their characteristic being low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and band-stop. They are idealised in that the cut-off rates are set at any required value, and are not dependant on electrical components for example.

    The Basic Filters form is shown below.

Basic_Filters.bmp (290214 bytes)

    A 1MHz trapezoidal wave has been defined in the Standard Waves facility, and a 3MHz Low- Pass Filter, with a cut-off rate of 40dB/decade in the Basic Filters form.

    The Fourier Spectral plot for the unfiltered and the filtered wave are shown first:

Basic_Filters_Fourier.bmp (632454 bytes)

    The filter response is shown, along with the unfiltered spectrum (blue) and the filtered spectrum (black).

    The Time Domain plot can also be viewed:

Basic_Filters_Time.bmp (631170 bytes)

    The filter effect on the waveshape can be clearly seen, in the form of pulse edge rounding and the introduction of ripple.


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