Westbay Waveform Master

BMP File Import Facility

   Pictures of waveforms saved in bitmap (.BMP) file format can be imported into Waveform Master, using the Import Form shown below.

BMP_Import01.bmp (370710 bytes)

    Bitmap images can use 1, 4, 8 or 24 bits per pixel, and the import tool can read all of these. However, when images containing more than two colours are selected, the user is prompted to identify the waveform colour.

    An auto-grid removal filter can be used to remove grid lines of the same colour as the waveform.

    The waveform limits can be inset after import, so that an exact period is defined. A further option exists to display the source bitmap.

    As with other waveform tools, up to five models can be imported independently, and RMS and Mean Square values are calculated during a plot procedure.

    Fourier Spectral and Time Domain Plots can be made of imported data.


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