Westbay Waveform Master

CSV File Import Facility

    Data stored in a spreadsheet can be imported in Comma Separated Value format. The data is stored as a series of time/amplitude pairs (or vice versa), and up to five sets of data can be imported independently, using the form shown below:

CSV_Import.bmp (427734 bytes)

The data for the decaying sinusoid is held in the grid on the left, and the waveform is reproduced in the picture on the right. The waveform is analysed by treatment as a series of linear elements, between one point and the next. The Fourier Spectral Plot is shown below:

CSV_Import_Fourier.bmp (640758 bytes)

    Throughout Waveform Master,  waveforms can be reconstructed in a time domain plot; this useful as a reassurance when importing waveforms; to see the effect of filters and non-linear characteristics on a waveform; and to see the effect of plotting a limited number of harmonics.

    Below is the reconstructed time plot of the imported CSV file data plotted above.

CSV_Import_Time.bmp (632862 bytes)




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