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Understanding the Decibel - a CD Tutorial

Includes dB Calculator Program

   The ubiquitous dB is encountered throughout electronic and audio technologies, is apparently the simplest of units, and undoubtedly causes the widest possible confusion. From a simple power ratio, at least twenty variants can be identified – dB’s, dBm, dBm0, dBrn – the list goes on.

    When these units are met, not only should we understand what they mean, it may also be necessary to manipulate them, by converting them back into actual powers, by adding and subtracting them, and by converting one dB unit to another. If you’ve ever experienced a moment of doubt on meeting a decibel-related unit, this presentation is for you!

    Dr Jeff Chambers leads you through a series of 26 slides, explaining the basis of the dB, logarithmic theory, conversion to and from power, voltage and current ratios, amplifier power and voltage gain considerations,  referred powers (e.g. dBm), average powers and other dB related units. Formulae are also derived for summing referred powers and for converting between dBm and dBuV. The tutorial is narrated throughout.

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    'Understanding the Decibel' is supplied on a CD, which is set up to run automatically on insertion in the CD drive. The slides are in Microsoft PowerPoint format - PowerPoint is not required to run the CD, which incorporates the PowerPoint Viewer. You will need a soundcard to hear the narration.

dB Calculator

    In addition to the slide presentation, the CD includes a stand-alone software program for easy calculation between power, voltage and decibel ratios, referred powers, dBm to dBuV conversions and more. The dB Calculator is for installation to your hard drive, and does not require the CD following installation.

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