Westbay Waveform Master

Digital Waveforms Facility

An almost infinite range of pulse patterns are encountered in digital circuitry, and the digital waveforms facility in Westbay Waveform Master allows up to 50 high/low pulse sequences to be simulated. For example, on the form shown below. a sequence of seven pulses has been defined.

Digital_Form.bmp (392994 bytes)

The Fourier Spectral Plot of this pulse combination is shown below:

Digital_Fourier.bmp (634358 bytes)

The fundamental frequency is the pulse sequence period, of about 38kHz; harmonic magnitudes remain above the -40dB level up to 15MHz, with no discernible pattern to the harmonic distribution.

    The plot procedure produces RMS and Mean Square values; up to five different models can be independently defined.


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