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Software and Tutorials for EMC Design and Analysis

by Westbay Technology Ltd

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The six EMC programs in the Westbay range provide a wealth of assistance in designing for emc (electromagnetic compatibility), and for understanding what is happening when things go wrong. Here’s an overview of what each program does; click on the title for more detailed information.

Westbay AuditorTM: this program takes a unique approach to the review of the design of an enclosure in terms of its anticipated emc performance. Enclosure design is often a mechanical engineering oriented task, yet details of openings in panels, or how interfaces between metal faces are treated, have a significant effect on the leakage of electromagnetic radiation. Westbay Auditor assists the enclosure designer by taking details of the enclosure and its details, and performing a detailed review, or audit, of each feature and its possible affect on emc performance.

Westbay Auditor Lite can be downloaded free of charge!

Westbay ToolsTM: gathers together an essential range of analyses on topics in shielding, pcb design, periodic waves, and transient waveforms. Spot calculations are provided at single frequencies or time intervals, and swept calculations may be displayed graphically over a wide frequency range.  

Westbay Tools Lite can be downloaded free of charge!

Westbay CompufiltTM:   This program concentrates on emi suppression filters, enabling insertion loss versus frequency plots to be made for a range of standard feedthrough, pcb and mains style filters. All real effects are taken into account, including non 50 ohm systems, parasitic inductance and capacitance, inductor core changes with frequency, and ferrite high frequency characteristics. Filter values can also be achieved from a set of required insertion loss points.

New in Version 2: Pulse and transient modelling with a range of pulse shapes; range of source and load circuits; phase and input and output impedance plots; Search Wizard; built-in Web Browser with Filter Manufacturer's URL Database, and more!

Westbay Compufilt Lite can be downloaded, allowing unrestricted feedthrough capacitor modelling, and access to all other filter models.

Westbay EMC Assistant: provides a series of 113 slides on the pc screen to guide the mechanical designer in those aspects of electromagnetic compatibility which are affected by the design of the enclosure. Each page is indexed with key words to rapidly find a relevant page on aperture leakage for example, whilst the entire sequence is arranged to be viewed as a single course if required.

Westbay FasTrackTM
As the rise and fall times of digital signals have got shorter and shorter, the possibility that a length of pcb track will act as a transmission line has risen. When this occurs, the pulse waveform can be reflected at the load, and further reflected at the source, leading to pulse distortion and ringing. Westbay FasTrack allows the behaviour of a digital waveform on a variety of track geometries to be investigated, including the effects of terminating the track, and of placing discontinuities such as vias on the track.

Westbay FasTrack Lite can be downloaded free of charge!

Westbay Waveform MasterTM
Westbay Waveform Master offers harmonic analysis of a wide range of waveforms. A set of parametrically defined standard waveforms is provided, along with a Custom Defined Waveform facility, and the ability to import waveforms from CSV and BMP files.

    Graphical output includes spectral plots of Fourier Harmonics, and time domain plots of waveforms reconstituted from harmonics. Frequency domain modifications can be made by a comprehensive set of filters, or by a set of Non-Linear Characteristics.

Westbay Waveform Master Lite can be downloaded free of charge!

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Technical Tips on EMC Matters!

Westbay dB Assistant
dB  to Power, Voltage and Current conversions, dBm to mW conversions, dBm summations, data tabulations and more!

EMC Tutorials
A range of CD-based tutorials, which will expand to provide a wide range of narrated guidance over a wide range of topics. First in the range - Understanding the Decibel.

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