Westbay Waveform Master

Network Filters Facility

    The Network Filters tool is a comprehensive passive network builder, allowing up to 12 stages of series or shunt components to be cascaded. Components can be resistive, capacitive, inductive, or combinations of these.

    Source and load networks can also be resistive, capacitive, inductive, or combinations of the three. Five models can be defined, which can be selectively applied to the graphset of choice. The Network filters form is show below:

Network_Filters.bmp (513722 bytes)

    The Fourier Spectral response shows filtered and unfiltered responses, as well as the actual filter curve. In addition, a Time Domain plot can be made, as illustrated below, where a 1MHz trapezoid is filtered by the 5uH low pass filter defined above.

Network_Filters_Time.bmp (625878 bytes)

    The blue wave is the unfiltered wave, and the black wave is the filtered wave, rounded by attenuation of high frequency harmonics.


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