Westbay Waveform Master

Standard Waveforms

A range of ten standard waveforms can be defined, using the Form shown below.

Standard_Waves.bmp (584106 bytes)

    All ten waveshapes are parametrically defined, the smaller picture recreating the actual data. Up to five models of each waveshape are independently definable; an unlimited number of harmonics can be plotted.

    Up to five graphs can be plotted at any one time, selected from any waveform defined by any facility within Waveform Master. The Waveform Plot Options Form controls the selection of models to plot, as shown below.

Plot_Options.bmp (291454 bytes)

    Plotted data can be exported to a CSV file, for use in a spreadsheet. Fourier harmonics can be plotted as a spectral plot, or line plots connecting harmonic peaks together.

    Filters can also be selected from the Plot Options Form.

    RMS and Mean Square (Average Power) values are calculated automatically during each plot process.

Plot Example

    The Fourier Spectral plot below shows the harmonics of two trapezoidal waves, one with 5ns rise and fall times (blue plot), and the other with 100ns rise and fall times (green plot).

Standard_Waves_Plot_Fourier.bmp (637350 bytes)

    The shorter risetime pulse has harmonics whose amplitude declines at a much slower rate with frequency than the longer risetime pulse.

    The reconstituted pulses are shown below in the Time Domain Plot.

Standard_Waves_Plot_Linear.bmp (632862 bytes)

    The 'ringing' effect at the corners of the shorter risetime pulse results from the finite number of harmonics used in the analysis, 100 in this case. Use of more harmonics would progressively reduce this effect. The slower pulse, by contrast, is largely formed from lower frequency harmonics, and does not display this effect.

    A higher number of harmonics increases computing time, although current processor speeds allow many hundreds of harmonics to be quickly calculated.


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