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    The idea here is to provide some unbiased, independent technical input on EMC matters, which might help someone. They  will all be written by myself, Dr Jeff Chambers, and there's no charge!

Feedthrough Filter Problems and Pitfalls

    Feedthrough Filters show no self-resonances, and provide good attenuation to frequencies as high as the GHz range. However, handling and specification issues can cause some unwelcome problems. This paper details something of what can go wrong.

EMI Suppression Filters and Pulses

    Filter performance is invariably specified in terms of insertion loss in a 50 ohm system, representing sinusoidal waveform voltage reduction. Filters however are frequently subject to unintended transient waveforms, and also to digital signals on data lines. What effect do emi suppression filters have on such waveforms? This paper examines a number of scenarios.

Aperture Attenuation

    This is a short summary of the attenuation provided by an opening in a thin-walled, shielded, enclosure. A handy look-up table is provided, providing the frequency where a given attenuation level is predicted, for a range of aperture sizes.

Understanding Common Mode Interference

    An introduction to the basics of common mode coupling effects, without excessive use of mathematical expressions. The aim of this paper is to get across the basic ideas.

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