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Westbay dB Assistant

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This is the must-have little application that every lab should have!

End all that head-scratching over decibel conversions!

Download dB Assistant now for free

Here's what dB Assistant can do for you:

dB_Conversions.bmp (533622 bytes)

  • dB Ratio to Power, Voltage and Current Ratios, and vice-versa

  • Referred ratio conversions - dBm to mW, dBuA to uA, and vice-versa. (Ten different units)

  • dBuV to dBm conversions, for a given load impedance, and vice-versa

  • Summation and subtraction of referred powers e.g. 8dBm + 6dBm = 10.12dBm. Not 14dBm!

  • Summation and subtraction of referred voltages in dBuV

dB_Tabulation_Form.bmp (473802 bytes)

  • All of the above conversions can be tabulated to produce quick reference tables.

  • Tabulations can be printed or exported to a spreadsheet in CSV format.

Other Facilities

In addition to the above, the Westbay dB Assistant can also:

  • Perform average power analysis on a pulse train

dB _Average_Power_Form.bmp (338422 bytes)

  • Perform Amplifier Power Gain analysis

dB _Amp_PowerGain_Form.bmp (264174 bytes)

  • Provide illustrations of dB usage for Crosstalk and Noise Measurements

  • Provide illustrations of dBm0 and dBu units

bell.gif (4399 bytes)

Alexander Graham Bell, 1847 - 1922

Well that's it - not advanced analysis maybe, but an invaluable reference tool nonetheless!

Previously $20!

Download dB Assistant now for free



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